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Book Discussion: Confessions by Augustine


Sojourn Arts Reading Group will meet on Tuesday, May 22nd at 7PM at 504 E Oak St. Our third selection from Pastor Jamaal Williams is Confessions by Augustine. We will be reading Sarah Ruden's translation

"Augustine was one of the most influential men to have ever lived. Not only has he left a lasting impact on Christian tradition, but has also shaped philosophy in monumental ways. Confessions is a classic piece of literature, in which one of the greatest Christian thinkers lays bare his soul. Throughout the work, one can see themes of sin, suffering, truth, the Lordship of Christ, and more. Though translations abound, Sarah Ruden's translation seeks to show the literary beauty of Augustine's writing, something many translations miss. Tolle lege—take up and read—this timeless classic with us." - Pastor Jamaal