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Gallery Talk: Indigo - the color of whiteness

Join artist Maggie Hubbard in conversation with Pastors James Westbrook and Justin Karl on Sunday, May 6th at 4:30PM, as they discuss white racial identity in the context of racial reconciliation. Free, all ages, and open to the public.

The exhibit Indigo: the color of whiteness by Maggie Hubbard is one artist's reckoning with her own cultural and racial identity. As our church continues to pursue diversity, this exhibit is an opportunity for people of all ethnic backgrounds to converse about how our cultures relate. We can learn from Maggie's self-reflection embedded in these skillful paintings.

While attending a multi-ethnic church in Seattle, Maggie Hubbard says she realized she knew little about her own racial identity and the larger culture of white people. This was in 2016, during many public conversations regarding race in America. In Maggie's indigo ink paintings, she shows herself to clearly identify with white culture (Ancestors 1-3 are based on her own family photographs), and at the same time she holds up whiteness critically.

This series of paintings shows Maggie's process of trying to understand her own relationship to whiteness and white culture. Maggie's desire to understand her own racial and cultural identity is for the purpose of better relating to people of other races and cultures. 

"Ancestors II," Indigo Ink on Canvas by Maggie Hubbard

"Ancestors II," Indigo Ink on Canvas by Maggie Hubbard

Indigo - the color of whiteness will be on view in the gallery March 25 - May 6, 2018. See more of Maggie's work at