Roadside Jesus

  photograph by Devin Lunsford

photograph by Devin Lunsford

A Collaborative American photo project curated by Michael Howard. 

On view October 7 - November 18, 2018

RECEPTION + PANEL DISCUSSION: Saturday Nov. 10, 4-6p.m.

 About the project:

"Roadside Jesus is a collaborative photo project within the United States of America. Images of billboards, church signs, bumper stickers, etc. are submitted for the project and curated by Michael Howard. The goal of the project is to see the broad spectrum of signs across America that speak of the Bible, God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell and other American Christian topics. There is no predetermined message behind the project. Part of the beauty of collaborating with photographers across the United States is seeing the varying perspectives on this theme, which will hopefully lead to interesting conversations and a gallery exhibit."

-Michael Howard, curator