Beautiful खूबसूरत 

“Dear Rekha” by Craig Hawkins

“Dear Rekha” by Craig Hawkins

Paintings by Craig Hawkins and photography by Elizabeth Jones.


On view August 11 - September 15, 2019


Artist statement from Still Point:

“Witnessing to remarkable beauty in the face of suffering.

Beautiful is a collaborative exhibition featuring photography by Elizabeth Jones and painting by artist Craig Hawkins. With portraiture in multiple media, the intent of this exhibition is to witness to remarkable beauty in the face of suffering. The work captures the faces of women in India who have suffered from painful burns.

Still Point partnered with humanitarian aid organization Wellspring International to honor these remarkable women through art. A full color book of photography and limited-edition prints signed by artist Craig Hawkins also accompany the exhibit. One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales and donations pledged throughout the duration of the exhibit will be designated toward the building of a new surgical burn and treatment center in India.


Love Thy Neighborhood

“Saint Joey” by Jesse Eubanks

“Saint Joey” by Jesse Eubanks


On view September 22 - November 3, 2019