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Listening Party & Discussion: The Narrative by Sho Baraka

Sojourn Arts Reading Group will meet on Tuesday, June 26th at 7PM at Sojourn Midtown for a listening party and discussion of Sho Baraka's The Narrative, led by Casey Hamm. Released in 2016, The Narrative - Sho Baraka's fourth studio album - is a conversation on race and faith, social consciousness and spirituality. As the narrator, Sho Baraka journeys through different historical moments over the course of years, decades, and centuries, speaking into past injustices and present struggles, while also celebrating black life and ultimately pointing back to the work of Christ. His album is full and nuanced, inviting listeners to engage deeply from the very beginning - "Don't close the book, I got more to write / You can change the story, that is my advice / I read in color, they see black and white / You just saw the cover, but there's more to life."