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Saints Reception and Artist Talk

Come meet photographer Leandro Lozada and hear him discuss his current gallery exhibit, Saints, a collection of portraits from members in our church community. In his artist statement, Leandro writes:

"I've asked our church community to trust God and each other in a very tangible way: by sharing with me some of the most difficult aspects of their life and as they do so, to allow me to photograph them. 

These stories and portraits are a display of trust; they are able to share in such a way because they trust to be loved and known by God and by others. But they are also an invitation to trust; to trust God and others with your whole self, not just with a polished version of yourself."

The artist talk will begin at 5:00PM and last approximately 10-15 minutes, plus time for a few questions and answers.

Saints will be on view in the gallery February 19 - April 9, 2017. See more of Leandro's work at