Love Thy Neighborhood: Asphalt Saints

“Personal Saints” (Joey Wilson and John Perkins) by Jesse Eubanks

“Personal Saints” (Joey Wilson and John Perkins) by Jesse Eubanks


On view September 22 - November 3, 2019


Event connection: Book discussion of Let Justice Roll Down by John Perkins on Monday, October 28th.

“Asphalt Saints explores the community and convictions that drive young adults to relocate to our city where God is still at work. 

What drives you? Who moves you? Why do you keep going?

These are the questions that provoked the community of Love Thy Neighborhood to create these pieces of art for their offices. Love Thy Neighborhood gathers young adults from the around the world to relocate to Louisville where they live in intentional community together, do nonprofit service, and practice Christian discipleship. As these young adults have gathered from diverse cultures and personal norms, LTN sought to create art that would unify them around a common vision of loving God and people. 

This collection of art mingles ancient and modern, sacred and secular, to explore how Christian faith can be practiced in modern urban Louisville. Classic Christian iconography such as halos, statues, and gold leafing mix with engineering prints, cardboard, and old technology. Images of ordinary neighbors stand aside popular heroes of the faith. Protest signs are held high with phrases that reveal a protest mostly against the fallen self. A 1980's-era phone booth serves as a confessional. The goal is to provoke the viewer to awaken to Christ at work inside of them and in our city.” 

Jesse Eubanks